Principal Message

Since time immemorial, India has been on top of education. Our sages, Priest, saints, preachers and learned teaches have always been actively engaged in making people educated. Their aim was to make the nation strong & enrich in various field including religion, economy, national safety and nature resources. They had multi-dimensional educational education system with clear cut reflection on power and strength of the country, but the basic thing which was common to all was development of people of strong character.

Today, due to various reasons, education of that type is not possible but one thing which cannot be ignored is the importance of education, its utility in social upliftment, co-ordination between society members and welfare of country. Swami Dayan and Saraswati was one among those who tried to keep the torch burning and he is the person whose

principles are today the back bone of Srimati Dhanraji Devi Mahila Degree College institution. Srimati Dhanraji Devi Mahila Degree College colleges are known to all. These are spread in and around the country. In Allahabad also, we have a long chain of Srimati Dhanraji Devi Mahila Degree College institution starting from nursery school to Post Graduate College. With all reservation and limitation, we are peaceful active in giving proper shape to our student but we still need co-operation of our student, their guardians and people engaged in social welfare. I strongly believe that a good student is an asset to the nation. Our teaching and non teaching staff members are always with the students. This is suitable age at which they can be moulded in desired shape. They are now at the age at which they can also think about their better future. Our teachers are actively engaged for their guidance and assistance. Our staff members do not leave any stone unturned in removing the problems of the student.

As a principal, I appeal to my students, keep in their minds, the spirits of the Sanskrit Shloka In nut shell, education makes the man polite and politeness bring perfection. They should always be polite with learning attitude. They are now our Ambassador to the society. Name and frame of their parents, as well as, of their teachers is directly with their activities in the society. So, they must be sincere, hard working and honest to their allotted business. They should prove themselves as an asset to the society and a worth son/daughter to the nation.
Manager Message
The first decade of the new century is expected to unveil greater opportunities for trained professionals. How well one can take advantage of these opportunities depends a lot on where one is trained and what one has learnt.